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Adhik Mass

Adhik Maas is an extra month in the Hindu calendar that is inserted to keep the lunar and solar calendars aligned. Purushottam is an epithet of Vishnu, to whom the month is dedicated. The position of Adhik Maas amongst the other months is variable, re-occurring about every 32.5 months. Know More

Vishwakarma Jayanti - The Birthday of the architect!!!

Vishwakarma Jayanti is a day of celebration for Vishwakarma, a Hindu god, the divine architect. He is considered as swayambhu and creator of the world. He constructed the holy city of Dwarka where Krishna ruled, the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas, and was the creator of many fabulous weapons for the gods. Know More

Yoga and Speech (Hindu Dharma)

When you play the harmonium the nagasvaram or the flute the sound is produced by the air discharged in various measures through different outlets. Our throat has a similar system to produce sound. It is not that the throat alone is involved in this process. How do we speak and sing.Speaking or singing is an exercise that has its source below the navel in the muladhara or root-base of the spinal column. Know More

Radha Ashtami - The birth anniversary of Krishna Sangini Radha

The Ashtami Tithi, Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada is dedicated to Radha, the consort of Lord Krishna. The day commemorates her birth anniversary, and hence, it is referred to as Radha Ashtami Know More

Ganpati Maha Utsav

Ganesh Maha Ustav is the most important annual festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh, who is also known as Ganpati, Vinayaka and several other meaningful names. He is hailed as Vighnaharta (the one who removes obstacles), and hence he is worshipped first before initiating a new venture, work or auspicious beginning like marriage or Griha Pravesh. Ganpati Utsav, in Hinduism, 10-day festival marking the birth of the lord Ganesha, the god of prosperity and wisdom. It begins on the fourth day (chaturthi) of the month of Bhadrapada , the sixth month of the Hindu calendar, also called Ganesh Chaturthi. Know More

Brahmana and Aranyaka (Hindu Dharma)

So far, in speaking of the Vedas, I have dealt mainly with the Samhita part of each sakha or recension. We have already seen that the Samhitas are the main text of the Vedas. Apart from them, each sakha has a Brahmana and an Aranyaka. The Brahmana lays down the various rites - karma - to be performed and explains the procedure for the same. Know More

The Four Vedas(Hindu Dharma)

"Anantah vai Vedah", the Vedas are unending. The seers have, however, revealed to us only a small part of them but it is sufficient for our welfare in this world and next. We are not going to create many universes like Brahma that we should know all the Vedas. We need to know only as many as are necessary to ensure our good in this world. Know More

Those who conduct Sacrifces(Hindu Dharma)

One who performs a yajna or sacrifice spending on the material and dakshina is called a "yajamana". "Yaj" (as we seen already) means to worship. The root meaning of "yajamana" is one who performs a sacrifice. In Tamil Nadu nowadays we refer to a "mudalali" as yajaman. It is the mudalali who pays the wages. So it is that we have given him the same place as the yajamana who pays dakshina in sacrifices. Know More

Animal Sacrifice in the Age of Kali (Hindu Dharma )

An argument runs thus: In the eons gone by mankind possessed high ideals and noble character. Men could sacrifice animals for the well-being of the world because they had great affection in their hearts and were selfless. They offered even cows and horses in sacrifice and had meat for sraddha. Know More

The Purpose of Sacrifices (Hindu Dharma )

Why is it that religion alone has the rites called yajnas or sacrifices? If a crop grows in surplus in our place we trade it with what is available in plenty in another and is not produced in our own. The carpenter, the blacksmith and other artisans make useful articles and serve us in many ways. Know More

The Threefold Purpose of Yajna(Hindu Dharma)

The Vedic sacrifices have threefold purpose. The first is to earn the blessings of the deities so that we as well as all other creatures may be happy in this world. The second is to ensure that, after our death, we will live happily in the world of the celestials. Know More

Rig veda HYMN VI Indra

This is about Rig Veda HYMN VI Indra Know More

Not in Other Religions(Hindu Dharma)

There is a big difference between our religion, the "Vedic mata", and other faiths. Religions like Christianity and Islam speak of one God. The Vedas too proclaim that there is but one God and that even an ordinary mortal is to be identified with him. Know More

The Glory of the Vedas (Hindu Dharma )

The Vedas are eternal and the source of all creations and their greatness is to be known in many different ways. As I have already stated, their sound produces in our nadis as well as in the atmosphere vibrations that are salutary not only to our own Self but to the entire world. Here we must understand "lokakshema" or our welfare of the world to mean the good of mankind as well as of all other creatures. Know More

Sound and Meaning (Hindu Dharma)

An interesting thought occurs to me here. In Sanskrit the suffix "taram" isused for the comparative degree. "Viryavat" means "strong", "Viryavat taram" means "stronger". It is said in the Chandogya Upanishad (1. 1. 10) that he who meditates on the truth of Omkara (Aumkara) with a knowledge of its meaning, will gain benefits that are "viryavat taram". The implication here is that those who practice such meditation without knowing the meaning will obtain benefits that are “viryavat" Know More

10 spiritual methods to combat stress

Relieve your symptoms of stress by exercising, meditating, sleeping etc. Take care of your body by eating well and getting enough sleep and exercise. Besides, you can try observing your reactions to stressors and whether they are appropriate for the situation. Observation alone is a great way to manage stress. Know More

Mantra Yoga (Hindu dharma)

The fourteen worlds constitute an immensely vast kingdom. It has an emperor and all living beings are his subjects. This kingdom as well as its ruler is eternal and it has its own laws. If the kingdom and the kingemperor are eternal, the law also must be so. This law is constituted by the Vedas. Though the kingdom, the cosmos, is called "anadi", it is dissolved and created again and again. Know More

The Vedas are Infinite(Hindu Dharma)

If the cosmos of sound (sabda-prapanca) enfolds all creation and what is beyond it, it must naturally be immensely vast. However voluminous the Vedas are, one might wonder whether it would be right to claim that they embrace all activities of the universe. "Anantah vai Vedah", the Vedas themselves proclaim so (the Vedas are endless). Know More

Word of God (Hindu Dharma)

We must not distrust the belief that the Vedas are not the work of mere mortals. Followers of other religions too ascribe divine origin to their scriptures. Jesus says that he merely repeats the words of God Know More

Meditation guide for spiritual living

Meditation is a technique that we can use at any time and place to quieten the mind and restore peace and harmony within ourselves. By relaxing our mind through meditation, we can clear the chatter for a time and experience a renewed sense of energy. However, many people who begin a meditation routine prefer to integrate spiritual aspects into their meditation practices. For these people, spiritual meditation is a wonderful way to strengthen the connection between the human mind and divine wisdom. The following are some benefits of meditation: Know More

Krishna Janmashtami - An auspicious festival of hindu.

Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is an annual auspicious Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avtaar of Vishnu. It is observed according to the Hindu calender, on the ashtami of the Krishna Paksh (dark fortnight) inr Bhadrapada. Know More

The Basic Texts of Hinduism: Our Ignorance of Them (Hindu Dharma)

There are books aplenty in the world dealing with a vast variety of subjects. The adherents of each religion single out one book for special veneration, believing that it shows them the way to salvation. The followers of some faiths even build temples in honour of their holy scriptures Know More

Brainstorm Ideas To Spirituality or Talk To A Spiritual Leader

Setting goals is an important frame of mind to have, as has already been established in the various other presentations. However if an added advantage is needed to ensure the goal is reached and also to ensure it is for the good of all concerned, turning to spiritual guidance is a prerequisite. Know More

Set A Deadline For Each Spiritual Goal

Sometimes people wonder why they are only successful in certain areas while in other areas there seems to be a lot of strife and difficulty. One possible answer could be that they failed to set spiritual goals to help overcome this negative area. A big part of not being able to achieve certain goals is probably because the spiritual guidance and element is missing. Know More

Choose Your Spiritual Goals And Break Them Into Manageable Steps

The idea that everyone should have specific goals in life is a good idea to live up to. However having goals without any guide lines on how to reach them is indeed foolish. There are several important steps that need to be considered before anyone takes and interest in setting goals. Here are some recommended suggestions. Know More

Learn How To Overcome Obstructions To Changing Your Behaviors

Most times a wrong situation can be put right immediately and with little problems. However when the element of the human behavior is involved things are not as clear cut and simple. Here are some obstructions that can be successfully addressed with a change in behavior. Know More

Envision What Your Life Would Look Like If You Were Where You Want To Be Spiritually

Of late there is a lot of information available on the spirituality of a human being. With the chaos around the world and peace an elusive item, people are searching for alternatives to make their lives complete or at the very least better. One of the avenues worth exploring is the spiritual side of life. It has been touted to have wonderfully enlightening effects for both the body and soul. Know More

Where Does Your Spiritual Life Need Help

A strong spiritual life entails several facets of a single entity. Being spiritually balanced and fulfilled is when each piece of life’s puzzle in firmly in place, understood and happily accepted. Know More

What It Means To Live Spiritually Fulfilled

Being happy is often misinterpreted in many ways. Most of the ways that the feeling of happiness is derived from is really not the product of true happiness but only a temporal feeling. People associate happiness with things like money, power, achieving dreams and goals, fame, accomplishments, all of which have material connections and bench marks Know More

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Personal success is not the outcome of hard work, precise plans or a driving ambition, but rather of understanding our basic nature as human being and being in line with the laws of nature Basically there are seven spiritual laws of success Know More

A golden chapter in history of Indian culture

5th August'20, is a historic day in our country, every Indian wanted construction of Ram Mandir to begin. People were waiting from many years for a RamTemple on Ram Janmabhoomi. Today that dream has come true. We are proud of our PM Modi, who has fulfilled this dream. This temple will strengthen peace & humanity in country. Know More

Raksha Bandhan - The bond of love

Raksha Bandhan is a festival marked since ancient times and there are several mythological stories that revolve around this custom.The festival of Raksha Bandhan or the ‘bond of protection’ is all about the love brothers and sisters share. Know More


The criticism which has been offered in this work has necessarily been largely of a negative and destructive kind. We have found reason for believing that Hindu philosophical thought furnishes no satisfactory basis for an ethic, while the system of dharma rests on no sure intellectual supports. Know More

How Subconscious Eating Can Affect Us

Subconscious eating is such a habit where a person eats instinctively without thinking for a second time. Know More

Possible Connection With Bones in the Human Spinal Column

In numerology, everything has its corresponding numbers. So, is there any connection with bones in the human spinal column? There may be or not. It really depends on where you believe in. Know More

What Is A Diet Of Number Vibrations

People receive vibrations and frequencies in different forms. Most of these vibrations can be expressed using numbers with the names of a person, his/her date of birth, home address, and so on. Know More

Understanding the Concept of God

Whenever we speak of anything spiritual, we can connect it to our inner soul. Some others may connect it to the word God. However, this is a very complicated thing and this sense can only be attained through practical experience. Spirituality is nothing but the felling of the existence of God in our soul. God is great. Know More

The World Is Moved More by Spirituality than by Men

There is no doubt that what is abiding, universal and impersonal has a greater appeal to man than what is fleeting, limited and personal. Spirituality, being such, has more appeal to humanity than men do. This is true in all aspects of human existence as it is in the knowledge man has gained. However, great a man may be, he has his limitations. Know More

Intuition Is a Part of Spirituality

Many a times, you may have faced situations where you might have been in a tumbled situation. If you take a decision in a certain way, then it can harm you or your loved ones, and if you take it the other way, then it can harm you or your loved ones too. Generally, a person left in such a situation hears decisions from the mind. Very few listen to the decisions given by the heart. Know More

Insights into Spiritual Enlightenment

Spirituality is one of the main topics in the streets today. Most of the periodicals, newspapers and even books have specific sections meant for spiritual awareness. This is because the society has come to realize the importance of spiritual enlightenment to the entire body. Know More

How Does Spirituality Work on the Law of Attraction

Spirituality, in a sense, correlates to the term “Universal Law of Attraction”. It is no wonder that the law of attraction is the basis of living in this earth. Know More

Introduction of Meditation For Complete Beginners

It has been proven that mindful meditation has a wide range of benefits regarding mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing Know More

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Personal success is not the outcome of hard work, precise plans or a driving ambition, but rather of understanding our basic nature as human being and being in line with the laws of nature Basically there are seven spiritual laws of success, which operate in much the same way as scientific laws such as the law of gravity. Know More

Spiritual Resolutions Basics

As you ponder every new year, and you think about the changes that you would like to see in your life, it might be best if you get your priorities straight. Consider your priorities this year. Know More

Karma as a function of time (Kaala) and greater time (Maha-Kaala)

Karma refers to any act or deed purely based on the principle of cause and effect and is a consequence or karmaphala ("fruit of action") or uttaraphala ("after effect"), which sooner or later returns upon the doer. The doer can "act" only if there is Sakti (creative feminine energy). This essentially means that all Karma can happen only because of Sakti Know More

The Wonderful House in Which we Live

it is about our real house i.e The Lap of God Know More

Eight Holy places you should visit

Some places are divine that can not be described you have to see yourself that glory so in this article let's learn some divine places that will truly tend to seek spirituality.. Know More

Things to be known about Lord Krishna

Mathura, a city of Uttar Pradesh, is known for its sacred temples and people believe in Hindu culture. The city is considered holy because of its history. It is believed that Lord Krishna was born here and killed his uncle, Kans here. Know More

Embracing Your Spirituality

While spirituality can be defined in a wide variety of ways. For many seekers it’s about connecting with something greater than yourself. You might call it God, the universe, spirit, your higher self. Whatever words you choose to describe it, it’s an experience that gives deeper meaning to your daily routines and ordinary actions. Know More

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